Boom Box
Released as freeware in September 1997.

A few of the letters of this font are based on the labelling of a
cassette radio. Boom Box contains two capital alphabets, numbers
and basic punctuation, but no accented letters.

Because of the limitations of Fontographer's automatic hinting,
Boom Box may look badly disproportioned on screen, but it prints
satisfactorily in display sizes at 300 d.p.i.

You may use Boom Box without payment, but you may not sell this
font or distribute a modified version without my written consent.
Boom Box may not be distributed without the accompanying text

To avoid loss of quality, please do not convert this font to other
formats without checking with me first. Boom Box is currently
available in four formats (PostScript and TrueType for both
Macintosh and Windows) and has been tested in all four formats.
If you have received the wrong version, please download the version
you need from:

Jonathan Paterson
3534 de Lorimier
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H2K 3X6